Hair Care


Pieces come protected and straight - ready for you to style and make your own.

Step One -
Open the easy to use clip and place them where you want the extra body or length.
Step Two -
Press down firmly and you should hear a click...voila, you’ve been STYLD.
Step Three -
Give them the same love as your own locks. Use water and style as you normally would. If cleaning is necessary, a little dry shampoo will freshen them up. Traditional cleansing and treatments are rarely necessary. 
  • Have wavy hair? 
Lightly dampen and part in the direction you normally wear your hair. Continue to ‘zush’ until the texture is just right.
  • Have stick straight hair with a dramatic center? 
Straighten hair as you do your own, center the top piece, snap, and done. The same goes if you want a little extra curl, or body - simply brush though, and style like you do you own hair.